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1 Link equals 7.92 Inches
1 Rod equals 16.5 Feet equals 1 Perch
5.5 Yards equals 25 Links
1 Chain equals 66 Feet equals 4 Rods equals 100 Links
1 Furlong equals 660 Feet equals 40 Rods
1 Mile equals 8 Furlongs equals 320 Rods equals 80 Chains equals 5280 Feet
1 Square Mile equals 1 Section equals 640 Acres
1 Township equals 36 Sections or square miles
1 Sq. Rod equals 272 Sq. Feet equals 30 Sq. Yards
1 Acre equals 43560 Square Feet
1 Acre equals 160 Square Rods
1 Acre is about 208 Feet Square
1 Acre is 8 Rods x 20 Rods (or any two numbers of rods whose product is 160)

General Information on Potter County
Population: 18,000 (approx.)
Total Acreage: 698,880
Square Miles: 1,092
8 State Parks
State Forest Lands: 265,000 acres
State Game Lands: 18,696 acres
State Forest Trails: 650 miles
Trout Streams: 800 miles

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